Aquaman Seen In Action in New Video From Justice League Movie


Jason Momoa has to go to Justice League again and therefore cancel his participation in the Oz Comic-Con Perth. He was ordered to the studio in Burbank, California. Either way there are post-turning on the program, or Momoa is to re-enter texts for a better audio quality, as recently as Gal Gadot . ADR is called this procedure.

Working on your own birthday, who does not know this? Zack Snyder , who became 51 yesterday, but does not seem to make much difference. He has one of the coolest jobs you can imagine.

The fact that he does not raise his feet on his honor day, but continues to work hard on Justice League , showed Snyder by conjuring up a short underwater scene with Jason Momoa's Aquaman. Fresh from postproduction, so to speak. And how supple the swims! Congratulations Snyder received from his Wonder Woman Gal Gadot, we are interested in the new set photo.

Justice League will be on the 16th of November .

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